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    Where in this sports world is the calling for Matt Ryan's head? Just prior to the Falcon's win against the Seahawks, Tim Tebow and Tony Romo had more playoff victories. Yes, I used the Tebow playoff comparison. Everyone else in social media does. But the point is, why is Ryan not criticized? I mean not only is he not criticized, but he has also been dubbed "Matty Ice". Such as he's "ice cold". He has ice water in his veins. A quarterback that is a cold blooded assassin. This is in fact, not the case.
    Matt Ryan won his first playoff game against the Seahawks a couple weeks ago. Aside from the final drive in that game, he played rather poorly. Fast forward to the game this past Sunday against San Francisco, the Falcons again gave up a lead and ended up losing. So let's look at Matt Ryan's playoff stats as of now. Because you know how everyone loves to bring up playoff stats when discussing the talent of a quarterback. In five postseason games, Matt Ryan is 1-4. His passer rating in the postseason is, an awful, 65.5. He has thrown 9 touchdowns, but also, 7 interceptions. Are those the stats of a quarterback that has ice in his veins?
    Do you realize that Matt Ryan has thrown three times the amount of everybody's favorite punching bag, Tony Romo, has in the playoffs? Do you also realize that Ryan's QB rating of 65.5, is 15 points lower than Romo's in the playoffs?
    So, again I ask, where is the calling for Ryan's head? You don't have to be on SportsCenter long before you hear about how awful, and how much of a choke artist, Tony Romo is. But when they talk about Matt Ryan, where is his criticism? I've heard nothing but praise for a man that has a great team, but fails to produce in the playoffs. You can call me a "Romo-homer" if you'd like, but I do my homework. I watch the game, not the ball.
    Am I wrong? I don't mean this to be a bash session on Ryan, but seriously, where is the call for his head? Why the praise for this quarterback who can't get it done in the clutch with a great team?